We operate in an honest, ethical, legal and professional manner and deliver competent, quality results. Integrity imposes an obligation on all professional accountants to be straightforward and honest in professional and business relationships.

At MARANGA OMOKE AND COMPANY, we imply fair dealing and truthfulness. We do not associate with reports, returns, communications or other information believed to contain a materially false or misleading statement; information furnished recklessly, omitted or obscured information required to be included where such omission or obscurity would be misleading.


As a firm we encourage teamwork among the staff members to increase performance, employee unity and firm culture. Teamwork is one of the key skills at MARANGA OMOKE CPA(K).


There is a need for constant reinvention to come up with quality and attractive products that meet the client’s needs. Innovation is the future of audit. The future is now for MARANGA OMOKE AND COMPANY. Innovation to us means delivering high quality audits along with deep insight and value to our clients.

Customer Focus for client loyalty and satisfaction, our main objectives are aligned with our client’s expectations so that we can build a long term working relationship.

The innovative team at MARANGA OMOKE provides a very broad range of contentious tax services and is noted for its capabilities on complex multi-jurisdictional matters.


At MARANGA OMOKE AND COMPANY, we believe in the fair and equal treatment of every person including our employees and clients to create an environment where everyone is accorded the respect regardless of their gender, socio-economic status, political, cultural or religious beliefs. Our team makes judgment only on the basis of facts and have an unbiased view of the existing circumstances. In other words, we will do our work and not be influenced by others.


At the core of our people and operations is leadership to endeavor to take responsibility in the initiative to lead our industry in providing the best possible innovative solutions of the highest standards while still remaining of good service and profitability.
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